Hi, I'm Diana. I'm a documentary wedding and portrait photographer, lover of nature, cats, dystopian fiction, pistachio ice cream, good sparkling wine and walking in the woods. I live between London and Auckland with my awesome hubby James and gorgeous cat Frida.

I came to wedding photography when we moved to New Zealand in 2014, kind of by accident. It’s a long story, and I’m happy to tell you all about it over a cup of tea or glass of wine. :-)

Despite not being the youngest, I always felt I hadn’t really figured out what I wanted to do yet when I grew up. Taking the leap into full-time photography was a life changer for me, in a very good way. Since then, I have worked harder than ever before in my life. I learned incredible amounts of stuff, met the most inspiring people and spent an eye watering amount of money on gear. I made it my goal to become the very best that I can be at my craft, and I’m more passionate about what I do than ever. 

I love how I can keep learning something new with every wedding and every couple I meet, the creative freedom it gives me, and understanding how much it means to people what I can give to them.

Photography and my business have basically become my life (I am fortunate to have an understanding husband (and cat!)). If you book me, I’ll go above and beyond for you to make sure you enjoy your wedding day, and have the most beautiful photographs to remember it by.