5 things that make great wedding photos


1  Think about where to get ready

If you are looking forward to beautiful photos of your dress hanging up, all the details prettily arranged,  and you and your bridal party getting ready in style, you might want to think carefully about where to get ready. Find something with character that suits your style, where you feel comfortable. Ideally, there’ll be plenty of natural light and lots of space for everyone to move around. 


2  Arrive in a special car

It’s your big day, you might as well arrive in style. Cars are great for creative photographs - think reflections, mirrors and windows. There is also so much emotion and tension when you get out of your car, about to walk down the aisle. They are beautiful moments to capture that will remind you of how you felt like on your big day. 

Alicia & Stuart-1.jpg

3  Have a confetti exit

You’ve done it, you are married and now it’s time to have fun! I love the happiness, excitement and pure joy of confetti shots. Bubbles are great, and dried flowers petals are lovely and biodegradable, so most venues should allow them. 

Dani & Dylan-16.jpg

4  Make time to greet your guests

As a photographer I’m of course pleased when people want to get straight into taking group photos, but I think it’s a shame not to take a few minutes after the ceremony to greet your guests. People congratulating you and your new husband or wife, make wonderful photographs, showing all the warmth and love that your friends and family feel for you. 


5  Go outside before sunset

The two hours before sunset have the best light. It’s warm and soft and very flattering! So I always encourage my couples to pop out for a few more photos just before sunset. It doesn’t have to take long. Depending on your venue, you might just take 10 minutes after your main course, while your guests are still eating anyway, and often the photos from that part of the day, end up being the most epic ones. 

Lena & Nick-11.jpg

6  Do something that’s unique to you

Don’t be afraid to stray from the norm. When it comes to planning a wedding, you’ll come across all the “must haves” and “how things should be done”. Make your wedding (and photos) unique by adding a personal touch, perhaps including a little custom from your or your ancestor’s culture, something that reminds you of the place you grew up in, or that’s otherwise close to your heart.  

Rachel & Harry-19.jpg