Introducing the photo booth

2016 was the first year I started offering a photo booth as part of one of my full day packages. Quite often, I found there tends to be a bit of a lull between courses at dinner, when tables are cleared and the couple make their rounds to say hello to everyone. I always see a few people looking a little lost.

So I thought a photo booth would be a great way to offer some extra entertainment during the evening. So far it's been a great success.

So how does it work?

My photo booth is a pretty simple set up with a black fabric backdrop on a stand, with a pretty vintage floral design (see photos for examples). There's also a camera on a tripod with a light on top and the camera is self operated by your guests via a remote control. I set up a table with props and brief instructions on how to use the booth. Of course, me and my assistant are always around to help out if needed.

You'll receive the photo booth photos together with your other wedding photos, it's a fun surprise to see what your guests got up to while you weren't watching, it's great way to keep kids occupied as well - they tend to get right into it!

An evening photo booth is included in my Full Day Package 1.